The Embracing Mindfulness System

We have developed a remarkable step-by-step mindfulness training system to empower you to retrain your brain to help keep the mind from wandering and curb unmindful habits that cause stress, anger and worry. This method is a blend of ancient wisdom practice and modern behavioral science.

A simple, fun, yet powerful tool is used with this methodology to help you stay in the present moment. It is our “Be Mindful” Wristband!

Behavioral studies suggest that a habit can be changed in as little as 21 days! Of course, this depends on the individual, but certainly a new neural pathway of response can be formed in this time. Our System and Mindfulness Bands work together to reduce and eliminate old habitual tendencies. It enables you to live mindfully, free and with great joy.

The Mindfulness Bands serve as your constant reminder to Be Mindful. They also are a wonderful “ice-breaker.” When noticed by others, it gives you an opportunity to share how easy it is becoming to stop doing what you don’t want to do and start doing what you want to do through the practice of Mindfulness. This is what our Movement is about…sharing the power of self-mastery…the inner happiness it fosters and the great possibility it holds for creating a better world!“


We have packaged this into a Twin-Pak. It includes TWO complete instructional guides to learn the Mindfulness System and TWO “Be Mindful” Wristbands - one of each for you and for a friend/accountability partner. This would be a like-minded person with whom you would pair to mutually improve your mindfulness practice.

The Twin-Paks are special gift to you. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for helping us help impoverished, suffering people around the world. For your donation of just $20 we will rush-ship this powerful system for you and a friend. (Inquire about special offer for groups of 20 or more.)

Your entire gift funds human service projects worldwide. These include drinking water and education for the very impoverished Untouchables in India, housing and jobs for homeless youth in Appalachia, relief for disadvantaged women and children in Thailand, and helping to eliminate human trafficking.

Thank-you for your support and for making our world a better and more peaceful place.

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